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Company Background


How we are different:Company Men

  • Deep knowledge of SEC reporting.
  • All work done in-house: no expensive, time-consuming outsourcing.
  • Emphasis on simple, effective systems.
  • Our goal: to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry.



  • 2001: Our founder, a CPA, is CFO of a publicly-held company in Orange County, CA.
  • 20012002: News of accounting scandals at Enron, WorldCom, and other high-profile public companies.
  • 2002: In response to accounting scandals , congress passes Sarbanes Oxley legislation (“Sox”).  Among other things, Sox prohibits auditors from helping their clients prepare financial statements.
  • 2002: IncFin, LLC founded in Orange County, California to provide support to public companies.
  • 2002: IncFin begins filing SEC documents on behalf of its clients. The market responds, and our filing agent business expands rapidly. IncFin begins using the DBA “EdgarEyes, LLC” for its SEC filing business.
  • 2006: EdgarEyes and IncFin relocate from Orange County, California to Austin, Texas. EdgarEyes, LLC is formed as a Texas Limited Liability Company.
  • 2009: EdgarEyes, LLC name is changed to Federal Filings, LLC.
  • 2009: First wave of mandated XBRL exhibits is filed with the SEC’s EDGAR system.
  • 2011: Federal Filings combines its EDGAR filing expertise with the Finance background of IncFin to develop one of the most efficient XBRL preparation and filing services in the country. The market responds, and our client base doubles in the first six months of 2011.
  • 2012: Federal Filings further broadens its XBRL expertise and staff in preparation for detail tagging. Our client base continues to expand based upon our exceptionally fast turnaround time and value proposition.
  • 2013: Federal Filings initiates program to work with outside auditors in their XBRL agreed-upon procedures engagements.